A Stranger In A Strange Land

by libertarianbadboy

In 1961 Robert Heinlein published his Magnum Opus, “Stranger In A Strange Land.”  The novel, was science fiction and was intended to parody the struggles of a Martian, living among humans, after being orphaned by a crew of astronauts on an expedition to Mars.  After coming to Earth, the protaganist, Valentine Michael Smith tries to assimilate, and adapt to the strange culture here on Earth.

Having been born, raised, and still living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I sometimes get the impression that people such as myself have much in common with Heinlein’s protagonist.  It’s interesting here in San Francisco. to say the least. Here in the hub of the American Far Left, and home of Nancy Pelosi, a Libertarian such as myself, living among leftists, communists, fascists, and all the above, that I have anything to say that they want to hear. As a matter of fact, this stranger has become accustomed to hearing the platitudes and sophisms mixed with vehement hatred of all things opposing their vision for this state and this country.

The vehement hatred of all things opposed to their vision is not without consequences.  Take a look at California.  The very state that these die hard liberals have controlled for so many years, is bankrupt.  Just this last week, Governor Jerry Brown, Liberal in Chief of this state, rolled out a budget that projected a $16 billion dollar deficit.  Of course this comes with a little controversy since only four months prior, he had projected there to be only a $9 billion dollar deficit.  Interesting.  Among the items to be cut, are the very Health and Human Services that these same liberals pushed so hard for over the years as well as the former glory that was once known as the California University system (A national treasure, now a national joke).

Californians had lived for so long under the promise of a better life, better schools, better jobs, better income.  People from all over the world moved out here to discover their potential and achieve their dreams, only to have those dreams turned into a nightmare through the broken promises and empty platitudes of the California Democratic Party and their cohorts, the weak Republican party in California.  Californians lived for so many years, believing that we had the money, industry, technology and brainpower to figure our way out of any problem.  Well here we are today; A bankrupt state, lead to the same by a bankrupt ideology of borrow and spend.  Of course, among public sector workers, through feeble attempts at empty threats through unions and their ilk, you hear screams of, “You can’t cut us, We’re essential!”  Essential to what?  Essential to whom?

In 2007 the US Census Bureau conducted a survey in California in which it found that the average salary of the California State worker was $53,958 which was nearly 32% greater than the average salary of the private sector worker ($40,991).  As the economy slowed down and tax revenues began to wane, did the state salary decrease?  The answer? No. did the public sectors? Yes.  Why?  1).  Public sector jobs in California are predominantly unionized while private sector jobs largely remains at will.  2).  As unemployment increased in our state there was less tax revenue to pay that public sector.  In essence, the private sector was, and remains beholden to the stranglehold unions have on our state.  Unions are essential says the San Francisco Left. Without unions, they say, wages would be much lower, and would risk exploitation by the greedy capitalists.  Interesting, since the greatest contributors to our state’s tax revenues was and always has been the greedy capitalists who run at will employment companies.  Even more interesting; while our state suffers the stranglehold of an extremely bearish deficit, it’s not the private sector that’s fleecing us.  It’s the public sector.

Of course, this all falls on deaf ears to my peers here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They continue to chant their platitudes of a benevolent government protecting us from the exploiting rich.  We are home to the eco-Nazi’s who would strangle our legislature in Sacramento, and lobby Congress in Washington DC to prevent companies from advancing science and technology, and thus our standard of living with their wasteful ideas of saving the ecosystem one whale at a time.  It’s home to the permissive liberal who spout the virtues of gay marriage, and “Love”, while most, cannot even practice fidelity with their own spouses and/or significant others (The Bay Area is prolific for it’s swinger clubs).  It is home to the admirers of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, even the Dalai Lama (Yes, I met him once at Stanford University), all preachers of tolerance and peace, yet these same admirers would just as soon see you fall off a cliff, crash in a plane or be shot by a gang banger if you say anything counter to their free-love, free-spending rhetoric.  Yes folks, it’s these same people that spent away my future and my children’s future, bankrupting the state with their bankrupt ideas.  They never learned the golden rule: “You cannot consume more than you produce.”  Their general intolerance for any and all ideas foreign to their own, masked through platitudes of “friendly exchange of ideas” through gritted teeth, is the reason our account is overdrawn at this point.  Yes folks, It’s these same peoples platitudes toward compassion, that will lead more people to the food line, and cause more hunger and homelessness.  I will agree with them on one point, however:  It WAS greed that got us to this point; but contrary to their dogmatic clinging to their bankrupt ideology, it was their greed that bankrupted this state.  Now they will see the results of their “Compassion.”

I’m often asked, “how can you be a libertarian, it’s such a cold and heartless way of thinking.”  The answer is simple.  Common Sense.  It is for that reason alone that I will no longer keep my voice silent.  But more concisely, It is for more; I believe we can do better.  Until the day that common sense prevails, I continue to live, a Stranger in a strange land…