An Open Letter To the Tea Party

by libertarianbadboy

Yesterday I wrote a little about my history, and thoughts on the broad topic of California, and its fiscal health.  Today, I am going to continue on that subject but focus more specifically on the players in the game. Here are some of my thoughts on the current state of things:


Dear Tea Party leaders, national, media pundits, bloggers and caucuses,

I’m writing to you from the San Francisco Bay Area; home of the ultra liberal, California Democrat.  I myself do not share party affiliation with them, nor do I share an affinity for their logic, platitudes, or ideology.  My sympathies, and beliefs lie with you and yours.  I hope that this letter finds you and yours  in good health, spirits, both physical and financial.  I have followed with great interest the successes that Tea Party Candidates are having throughout our country.  It seems that cultivating candidates against old guard incumbents is a sign of the times; a changing of the guard if you will.  It seems that the Tea Party has been effective in helping to change that guard.  It is for this reason, a discussion if you will, that I write to you today about the current state of politics in California.

As you may already know, California is facing a huge budget deficit.  Current proposals to fix the problem’s (Of our own creation), are impotent in the face of the enormity of the challenge.  For years, Californian’s, both the legislature and the body politick have chosen to spend, and expend their precious resources and capital in ventures that have ultimately brought us to the brink of collapse.  I for one love my state.  I love the topography, the weather, the history, and yes, despite their flaws, the people.  I have seen the folly of the broken ideology that come from the leaders of this state.  Perhaps, you have too.  In fact, I know you have.  However, I know that you can’t, and will not forget the leadership of the last great Californian to grace the eminence of the Oval Office.  His name was Ronald Reagan.  Remember him?  Remember when California was a Republican stronghold, that was carried by the force and eloquence and leadership of men like the late Ronald Reagan.  I certainly do. However, it has been a long time since he’s been gone, and a lot has changed. California no longer commands the respect of it’s fellow states.  Its once cherished education system, infrastructure, and braintrust has now become a national punchline.  And if you are currently familiar with the situtation in Greece; California is not far behind the chaos that has ensued there.

Having said all of that, I believe there is an opportunity for the Republicans to re-surge in California, and reclaim the greatness of it’s past.  Take a look at our leadership.  Both of our US Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are aging.  They have been in office for twenty years and both are in their mid 70’s.  Governor Jerry Brown, a mainstay on the political scheme here, is 74 years old.  By the end of his first term, he will be pushing 80.  Former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, another Democratic mainstay, is also in her 70’s.  Our political leadership is aging, and a new generation of leaders are waiting to emerge.  As it stands now, everyone’s bet to succeed Governor Brown is Gavin Newsom.  Remember him? He’s the person who made the issue of gay marriage a part of our national lexicon, pushing it into the politics of would-be President’s and upstarts.  All of these aforementioned people have been part of the Democratic Party dominated establishment in Sacramento and Washington DC for many years now, and I believe that the people of this state are beginning to see the folly and futility of their leadership. 

We need activism at the local level to cultivate the kind of leaders in California that other states brag of.  Men like Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey, and Louisiana Senator Bobby Jindal.  It’s my belief that these men are here, in California, and are waiting for relief, and support to come from people such as yourselves.  Together, we can bring this state back to greatness, and if it’s any more helpful, perhaps it’ll give back it’s 54 Electoral votes to the right side.  Thank you again for all your help regarding this matter.



A Concerned Citizen